Thursday, December 8, 2011

moon flare and birthday cake

I haven't done a diary type post for a while so if you're interested in the life of an english twenty something living in sydney then read on.

The last couple of months have been quite stressful, and crazy busy and as a result have completely flown by.  D (on the right, above) and I have been going backwards and forwards and backwards again trying to get d sponsored so meanwhile I've been studying away to keep us in Australia. I'm still working as a photographers assistant but it's pretty sporadic, and trying to fit it around college is pretty tricky so I've had to pick up more consistent work and am now working part time in the photography department of a retail store.  It's tough.  Going from a job earning loads of money to not having much at all is a hard transition to make but it will be worth it in the end and I'm glad I've experienced high paid work early on as it made me realise how much more important it is to chase something that you love for work.

Last weekend was my birthday and it was beautiful.  A good friend of mine was lucky enough to grow up in the basin, on the northern beaches of sydney.  Our birthdays are a few days apart so to celebrate a group of amazing people spent the weekend camping there.  We spent the day kayaking around the lagoon, climbing the waterfall as high as we could go, feeding the wild wallabies and eating lots of chocolate birthday cake followed by drinks and drinking games around the fire pit. Amazing, and a well needed break.  It made me miss travelling but we vowed to do a trip like this once a month to see more of Australia and generally spend more time enjoying life.  These are some long exposures I took around the fire pit - love the moon flare.