Monday, August 30, 2010

my cariad

every weekend we finish work at 3pm, so we make our escape to the back of the roadhouse and walk.

we are the only two people in the world out here.  i have never heard such quiet.   i can only hear the crunches of each footstep, and the noise that the wind is making when it blows against me and brushes between the grass and trees.

my cariad is my welsh love, and these pictures are from our last weekend in the Gibson desert before we rejoin society.  i'll miss you out here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

come and see

forgotten town. 
I have been living here for three long months now, where there has been plenty of time for thoughts and plenty of time to realise that there's not enough time for mind-numbing work.  I am going to make a promise:

now that I have picked up my camera again, I will keep it in hand, I will keep a photographic journal of my travels.  I want to live by taking photos, to make a dream a realisation I must have the courage to pursue it. no excuses.

to get started with this blog thing has taken me about four hours, but it is my first step.  It is very rough around the edges but I'll try and fix that, this blog will follow my journey. I will fail many times but I will keep trying, because success doesn't happen without failure, so bear with me...