Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Secret Thursday: How to convert your photo to black and white in a non destructive way

I love black and white photographs but came to realise this week when I had the opportunity to assist an another awesome fashion photographer, that I'd been losing the quality of my photographs with the way that I had converting them in photoshop.  I figured maybe other people could be making this same mistake so here's a tutorial for the new and improved monotoning of my photos.

If it get's a bit confusing the constant rule, here it is written out:

Whatever value you have gone over or under of the 100%, take this value, halve it then reverse it. e.g. 130% would be 30 over, so halve is 15, then reverse so -15.  This is just a rough rule use it to figure out what you think looks best.  If this video helps you in anyway please take a second to click the 'like' button on youtube.

It's been a busy last couple of weeks for me, I've been house hunting, then moving, assessments at college, working, assisting and having my mum over from England for a visit!  But the weekend's nearly here and I'll be off to the hunter valley for some chocolate tasting, wine tasting and cheese tasting.