Monday, January 2, 2012

a goal without a plan is just a wish

Happy New Years everyone!  I spent mine having a house party with friends followed by a walk down to rosebay in sydney where we sat on the beach and watched the harbour bridge fireworks going off in the distance.  They out did themselves this year, best fireworks I think I've seen :)

So plans for 2012..
I've come to realise how important it is to make goals for yourself, even 'to do' lists are mini goals which help towards the final aim.  Writing down a goal makes it even more powerful and breaking the goals down to smaller monthly chunks or daily tasks is more manageable. So spend a little less time on your shopping list and a little more time on a getting most out of life list.  Start with the big goal and a date when it is to be achieved by and work backwards along the steps to work out how to accomplish it.  My new years resolution is to keep on top of my to do lists that lead to my goals.

Here's a list of 2011's main events and achievements

  • we left Australia to backpack around asia-thailand, cambodia, indonesia and complete the top gear challenge of biking from the south of vietnam (saigon) up to the north (hanoi)
  • back home for visits and to meet each others family in england and wales
  • returning to australia, sydney this time to stay still
  • I started studying business to get a student visa to stay longer in Australia
  • I did some assisting for an awesome fashion photographer
  • I was booked for my first wedding photography job
  • I had my work published in an online magazine

For 2012 I want to/will be:

  • getting onto a sponsored visa to stay in Australia
  • going back to england to be a bridesmaid (so exciting)
  • assisting more fashion photographers regularly to learn as much as I can about photography
  • have some photos printed in a real life publication 
  • reading more again
  • taking photographs with film
  • learning french
  • have many more blog followers!