Wednesday, November 23, 2011

sneak peak...

model: alexandra bromley
make up artist: lisa boswell

i love tim burton movies and had wanted to do a tim burton inspired shoot for a while so when alex asked me to take photographs for her portfolio i suggested we base the shoot upon this theme.  this is the first photo from the series taken the saturday before last but i'm still trying to catch up with all the editing after a busy assessment week at college.  alex was an amazing model, she's also a dancer so she was very aware of her body and the shapes she was creating.  she really could pose beautifully.  the location is angel place, right in the city centre, it was unbelievable.  birdcages were strung across, hanging between the buildings, i'm sure you'll know the place if you passed by but it is quite hidden considering it's in the very centre of sydney.  it was part of an art project which they decided to keep and there were also speakers projecting bird tweets to set the scene.  i did struggle a bit though, since the birdcages were hung so high i found i had to shoot upwards to get the cages in shot and there were also tourists, construction workers and later security guards to battle with too.