Sunday, April 10, 2011

filling in....

 southsea seafront, portsmouth

the gower peninsular, south wales

more gower...   and then dai in the rhonda valley, south wales
and me feeling sorry for myself just after my fainting episode and before my black eye developed.

since arriving in london nearly 4 weeks ago now, i've been running around england and wales catching up with friends and family and living out of a bag in my car boot.  i started in portsmouth, to winchester to wiltshire to farnborough to the rhonda valley to devon to wiltshire again, to cardiff to portsmouth and repeat etc.  i'm still just about going though last weekend i ended up fainting (from a bit too much partying the night before and not eating the next day), knocking my self out on my friends nasty bathroom sink and ending up in a & e.  and to keep things interesting, today, my car exhaust decided to drop right off.   apart from those small set backs, i'll hopefully continue on to see many more friends and family in the next couple of weeks until we're off again.  (touch wood)