Sunday, June 5, 2011

self-portrait/adding a watermark to your photo

you may have noticed i've started adding watermarks to my photographs.  unfortunately i have found some of my pictures in some unwanted places without any recognition of the author.  i don't mind people using my photographs as long as they link it back to my site or add my name but it is also nice to be asked.

well, rant over, if you want to add a watermark and copyright information to your photos, then i suggest you use this link.  it was one of the most simple and effective ways to watermark in photoshop that i found.

back to my photo, this is (another) self portrait.  as i haven't long moved to bondi i am quite short of models.  therefore i am exploring the world of self portraiture.  this will be the first winter for me in 4 years.  some of you may argue that a winter in sydney isn't quite winter but i can assure you it's getting quite cold though at least its not wet too...