Tuesday, February 22, 2011

long thanh

so dai and i are travelling asia for a couple of months which is why my posts have been a little slow coming.   a week ago we both hired scooters from ho chi minh city, vietnam, so we could travel all the way from the south to the north (hanoi).  we do on average 180km/day, which takes a while since at least one of us has been breaking down every day, our record is four break downs in one day!  but it's also been amazing, the vietnamese are very friendly, and the kids have been running up to us in the smaller mountain villages shouting 'white, white!' and poking us which is quite amusing.

we've spent the last two nights in nha trang, which was quite touristy, first time we've seen other westerners in about four days.  and this morning i persuaded dai with his horrible hangover to take me to see long thanh's gallery.  long thanh is vietnam's most famous photographer, his work was beautiful and we were lucky enough to see him there so dai showed him my blog.  it was great to have some constructive criticism and he gave me a few tips, like making sure i burn the edges of the picture (make darker), to draw the eye in,  and to try more black and white pictures, so i will desaturate my travelling pictures and put some up soon.  dai also bought me a print of his for a late valentine's day present, i can't wait to put it up when we finally find our next home, here it is:

photograph by Long Thanh